Most community related questions and issues should be directed to the Board of Directors at

Current Board of Directors:

President: John Lowenthal

Vice President: Danielle Deary

Treasurer: Kamal Verma

Secretary: Coleen Lettieri

Member: Suneel Nallagonda


Plans for a satellite dish installation and other questions regarding common area issues should be directed to the Covenants Committee at

Current Covenants Committee:

Chair: Jimmie Mast

Member: Sona Soni

Member: Deborah Szczerba

Member: Paula Shorter

Member: Stephanie Landrieu



If you have a question related to Community events, please contact the Social Committee at

Current Social Committee:

Co-Chair: Catherine Oliver

Co-Chair: Sona Soni

Member: Anne Marshall

Member: Jimmie Mast

Member: Pallavi Sivalenka


Building Captains:

For community emergency communications such as a heavy snow storm, etc., we have a network of Building Captains who may contact you with important information.



Volunteers Always Welcome:

All of the people listed above do these jobs in order to serve their community on a volunteer basis.  Volunteering your time and energy for the good of your community is a worthwhile endeavor that provides a sense of self-worth and accomplishment.  Please consider helping out - to do so, just email the Board at


Please Keep Us Informed:

To keep costs in line and speed up communication, the best way for the Association to distribute information, bulletins and updates is via email.  It is therefore important that we are advised if you change your email address or phone number by contacting us at  Don't let our mail go to your spam folder - be sure to allow incoming emails from any address to reach your inbox.



Financial Communications:

Regal Point Homeowners Association operates as a "self-managed" community.  This means that your Board of Directors handles all matters regarding the running of the Association including most financial matters. Associa Mid-Atlantic is used for billing and receiving our monthly dues and other assessments, effectively maintaining our "checkbook" and providing financial updates and reports to the Board.  In order to keep our costs reasonable, we do not pay for the full scope of services that Associa Mid-Atlantic can provide to their association customers.

Because of this arrangement, it is important that you do not contact Associa Mid-Atlantic with questions regarding areas that are not their concern, but instead always contact the Board of Directors by email at  Examples:  If you have a question about landscaping or maintenance items, these would never be areas for Associa Mid-Atlantic to handle.

This list of exceptions also includes any questions you may have about your monthly maintenance dues/assessment billing – always direct those questions to the Board especially questions about any charges or late fees.  If you call Associa Mid-Atlantic, it just wastes time and energy as they will just simply listen and take down the information and then have to send an email to the Board to handle it anyway!

One of the reasons you should contact Associa Mid-Atlantic would be to start or stop an automatic deduction set-up with them.  Auto deduction from a checking account is a convenient and free method of being sure your monthly maintenance payment is always on time.  You won’t have to buy a stamp or worry that your payment may not be on time…just be sure there are sufficient funds in your checking account on the 3rd day of every month to cover the current billing.  To apply for automatic deduction, Download Form.

If you have a valid reason to call Associa Mid-Atlantic, that number is 855-399-8917.

The current lockbox address for monthly assessment payments is:

Regal Point c/o Associa Mid-Atlantic
PO Box 60005
Newark, NJ 07101-8052



Insurance Information:

Our insurance agent broker is Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley.  Through them, the Association carries insurance that covers basically the exteriors of the buildings and certain interior items such as kitchen cabinets, etc. In case of a covered loss, the Association's coverage will bring your home back to "builder's grade".  It is critically important that every homeowner carry their own Condominium Owners Insurance Policy, otherwise known as an HO6 policy to cover any improvements or betterments to your home in addition to your personal property.

All homeowners should review this bulletin provided by Brown & Brown and check with your personal insurance agent to be sure you are adequately covered. 

Please note that there is currently a $2500 deductible on the Association's policy.  We have been told that only certain Insurance companies will cover you for the primary insurance deductible - it is important that you check with your agent to be aware of whether you have such protection.

As indicated on the bulletin, if you need any information that your personal agent cannot provide, you may contact Brown & Brown.

In the event you are refinancing your mortgage and your lender needs a certificate of insurance, go to the Brown & Brown website, click the Certificate of Insurance link on the right side of the page.

Brown & Brown Insurance
3001 Emrick Blvd
Suite 120
Bethlehem, PA  18020
Phone: 800-634-8237
Condo Fax: 610-317-1439