Rules - Bylaws - Resolutions

Master Deed Restrictions (Open)

Article 11 of the Master Deed lists the various restrictions to that deed governing the use of all property elements.This document was created in the late 1980's when Regal Point was first incorporated.  Over time, experience and the progress of technology required the creation of other Rules and Regulations. 

Rules And Regulations  (Open)

As per the Bylaws and Master Deed, the Rules and Regulations were adopted by the Board of Directors to further amplify and interpret the Master Deed Restrictions.  These Rules and Regulations are supplemental to the Master Deed Restrictions and do not supersede any part of the Association's governing documents.

South Brunswick Township Dog Owner Responsibilities (Open)  

Administrative Resolutions  (Open)

Administrative Resolutions are needed when an area of concern is not covered sufficiently by the original governing documents, including areas made necessary by the progress of time and technology.  These Resolutions have been recorded with the Middlesex County Clerk's Office.

Satellite Dish Installations

Administrative Resolution #6 details the proper procedure for the installation of a Satellite Dish.  Step one in that procedure is to contact the Covenants Committee with your installation plan (following the published instructions) for approval by the Board.  The required approval form is provided here. (Open)

Fining Policy   (Open)

As of the Fall of 2014, The Board of Directors found it necessary to institute a fining policy in order to ensure compliance of the above rules.  The enforcement of the rules is the responsibility of the Covenants Committee as an agent of the Board.  That committee regularly reviews the buildings and surrounding areas for compliance and will issue notice of violation to homeowners as needed and report same to the Board for possible further action.

Alternative Resolution Resolution (ADR)   (Open)

When a dispute arises between a homeowner and the Association or between two homeowners, the ADR procedure is the vehicle to use to reach a resolution.  ADR is designed as an alternative to litigation in an effort to minimize costs and to keep the courts free of issues that can be otherwise resolved.  The Board of Directors has written and passed this ADR procedure with intent to minimize costs however possible for the Association.  By law, the cost for mediation is a common expense which means we all share the cost if one person has an unresolved issue.  Similarly, the costs for arbitration are split between the claimant and the Association - again a common expense we all pay.