Snow Removal

When we experience a major accumulation of snow, there is a plan in place that makes the process of snow and ice removal easy, safe and efficient provided that everyone in the community follows the rules.  The following is the current procedure:

General Clean-up:

Our contractor will begin the process by clearing the main roadway throughout the development and the area in the front of the development to allow access in and out of the community, particularly for emergency vehicles.  As soon as possible after the snow stops, he will also clear the walks and sidewalks, including access for the mailboxes, dumpsters and fire hydrants.

Parking Area Clean-up:

The process is to clear the parking areas from side-to-side and this can only be accomplished with an orderly building-by-building approach.  Once the main road is cleared, we can begin the parking area clean-up when the contractor is available to do so.  Bear in mind that we are not his only customer, so it is important to note that often this work will be done the day after a storm, after people have left for work.  Do not leave a car in your spot if no one will be home to move it - or give your car keys to a neighbor that will be home.

The best way to handle this is "Prep & Wait" - When the snow stops is the time for all residents to clean off their cars and clear a path so you can move your cars out - but do not move them until you are advised to do so by your building captain, unless you are leaving the property.  Note well that we do not have permission from the neighboring Church or businesses to use their parking areas. 

This is the only way we can have an organized clean-up effort.  The Board will send out email updates as available.  When the contractor is ready to do each building, the volunteer Building Captains will inform the residents to temporarily move their cars, one building at a time. The clearing of each building's parking area will only take about 10 minutes - you need to move your cars back as soon as the clearing is completed.

During any snowstorm of 2” or more, while we may not need to do the building-by-building parking area clean-up described above, the following areas need to be left empty so they can be cleared:

Ø  In front of the dumpsters

Ø  In the spaces and the crosswalk area between the dumpsters and Unit 20

Ø  Opposite the dumpsters (from unit 10 to the stop sign)

Ø  In the visitor spots opposite building 3

Ø  Along the retention basin and in the front entrance visitors spots 

Ø  The concrete access pads between buildings 4 & 5 and 6 & 8

All of the above are critical access areas for emergency vehicles and plow trucks to maneuver.  

If you are unavailable to move your vehicle when directed, please make arrangements with a neighbor to do so.

If you are going out of town during snow season, leave your vehicle keys with a trusted neighbor.  

Do not engage the plow-drivers or ask for special favors; they are instructed to take direction only from a designated Board Member.

These rules are for everyone's safety; your cooperation is appreciated.


Here are some helpful tips to make it quick and easy to prepare for a snow storm, move your car and follow the Regal Point snow procedure.

When you know there's a heavy storm predicted:

Back your car into your spot - it's easier and much safer to maneuver out going forward.  You'll have better visibility and control when you may have to gun it!

Raise your wipers - it's easier to clean around and they won't freeze to glass.

After the snow stops and the main road has been cleared:

If needed or you choose to, shovel a walking path to your driver's door.

Start your car and turn on front and rear defrosters full blast.

Shovel a path in front of your wheels, and lower the mound of snow in front of the car - you don't need to get down to ground level.  Pile this snow next to the car - don't throw it into the already cleared road.

Push snow off car to the sides of the car; by now the defrosters have warmed things up to make this easier. 

If so equipped, turn off your traction control to allow your wheels to spin freely, then drive straight out of your spot - should be easy.

Roll the car back and forth a few times and then re-park in your spot and await instructions from your Building Captain.

As you drive away, be sure to turn the traction control back on.

For Your Safety:

Always  clean off all the snow from your vehicle including rear window, roof, and front and rear lights…this is for your safety and the safety of those around you - also failure to do so can result in a citation from the Police.

Protect Your Vehicle:

Never use a corn broom or other stiff bristle brush - it will permanently damage your car's finish.  Never use a shovel to grab snow off a car.  Best thing to use is a foam "snow-broom" or a traditional snow brush.  And never use an ice-scraper on metal parts - only on glass.