Rules to Live By

Living in a condominium means that there are rules that need to be followed.  There are restrictions to the use of the common areas and other rules and regulations concerning the health and welfare of our residents and their surroundings. 

As members of the Association, all homeowners and anyone renting or residing in any of  the units are required to abide by all of the rules, regulations, restrictions and amendments detailed on the following pages.

By adherence to these various regulations, a certain standard of conformity and community appeal  can be maintained for the overall benefit for all who have invested in Regal Point.  As of the Fall of 2014, there is a fining policy in place in order to ensure compliance.

All homeowners should familiarize themselves with these regulations and keep in mind that no changes to any common or limited common areas, including the installation of satellite dishes, may be made without written approval from the Covenants Committee and Board of Directors.